Leonela & Alberto

Leonela & Alberto



Tangerine, Grape, Oolong

This coffee comes from Northern Tolima, Colombia. A limited release from Leonela Vergara and Alberto Villegas. Look for floral aromas with sweet tangerine and grape notes with a hint of oolong as it cools. Drink this all-day-long, stunningly bright and sweet.

+8 cleanliness
+8 complexity
+9 sweetness
+9 brightens
+7 mouthfeel

COUNTRY Colombia
REGION Northern Tolima
PROCESS Washed. Double Fermentation: In-husk for 24 hours and Dry Mass Fermentation in Tank. Sun Dried
ELEVATION 1870 masl
VARIETY Red and Yellow Caturra
PRODUCER Leonela Vergara & Alberto Villegas

12oz / 340 gm Whole Bean Coffee

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