Don Gerardo, Colombia

Don Gerardo, Colombia


Orange, Blossoms, Chocolate, Hazelnut

This coffee comes from Northern Nariño, Colombia. The close location to the Andes Mountains creates a diverse set of micro-climates that makes it perfect for coffee production. Look for bright citrus notes and floral aromas with a chocolaty hazelnut finish. It’s smooth mouthfeel wants to make you drink this all-day-long.

Bright citrus with hints of ripe orange and blossoms. Creamy chocolateate sweetness and a soft hazelnut finish.

COUNTRY Colombia
REGION Northern Nariño
PROCESS Washed. Patio drying with shade-cloth.
ELEVATION 1650 masl
VARIETY Castillo
PRODUCER Gerardo Meneses & Julio César Bastidas

12oz / 340 gm Whole Bean Coffee

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