Decaf Colombia

Decaf Colombia


Panela, Candied Orange, Bourbon

This naturally processed decaf is from the Tolima region in Colombia and produced by a small group of 39 farmers. Sweet, bright flavor profile and amazing aromatics. Decaf is delicious.

About the Decaf Process These beans were processed using a natural decaffeination method. Many coffees are decaffeinated with the use of synthetic chemicals that negatively alters the taste of the coffee. However, by washing the beans using ethyl acetate derived from the natural fermentation of sugar cane, the chemical taste is avoided, and the sweet flavors of the bean are able to shine through.

+8 balance
+6 complexity
+8 mouthfeel
+6 brightness
+8 sweetness

PROCESS Sugarcane (EA)
ELEVATION 1500masl
VARIETY Castillo, Caturra

12oz / 340 gm Whole Bean Coffee

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