Every role at Spur plays an essential part to the Spur experience. There are no roles greater or less than the others, but each a unique part of the whole. Below is an overview of each role as well as the expectations of the staff member filling that role.

 Bar | Barista

The barista’s focus and purpose is to first and foremost craft an excellent cup of coffee. Secondly, the barista is there to be an engaging and enthusiastic representative of the Spur brand, to help customers feel comfortable and at ease, and to help them make informed drink decisions. Key duties and responsibilities of the barista:

  • Dialing in espresso 
  • Make drinks
  • Quality control for espresso and espresso drinks
  • Keep the bar clean and spotless
  • Keep watch on the grossers
  • Machine maintenance 
  • Engage customers waiting for drinks
  • Engage customers waiting to order
  • Knowledge of espresso
  • Educate customers
  • Answer questions

Counter | Cashier Barista

The cashier’s first and foremost focus is the customer. Key duties and responsibilities of the cashier:

  • Engage customers
  • Take orders
  • Prep drinks for barista
  • Keep bar fridge stocked
  • Deliver drinks
  • Mind retail 
  • Keep condiment bar stocked
  • Knowledge of whole bean
  • Answer questions
  • Educate customers

Back Bar | Barista

This is the runner role. Key duties and responsibilities of back bar position:

  • Food orders for here
  • Food orders to go
  • Deliver food to tables
  • Hot and cold tea orders
  • Hot and cold brew orders
  • Ice
  • Dish cart
  • Dishwasher 
  • Bus and clean shop tables


  • Cups & lids
  • Condiment bar

Make stuff

  • Cold coffee
  • Ice tea
  • Syrups
  • Seasonal drink syrups