Counter | Cashier Barista

The cashier’s first and foremost focus is the customer. Key duties and responsibilities of the cashier:

  • Engage customers

  • Take orders

  • Prep drinks for barista

  • Keep bar fridge stocked

  • Deliver drinks

  • Mind retail

  • Keep condiment bar stocked

  • Knowledge of whole bean

  • Answer questions

  • Educate customers

Back Bar | Barista

This is the runner role. Key duties and responsibilities of back bar position:

  • Food orders for here

  • Food orders to go

  • Deliver food to tables

  • Hot and cold tea orders

  • Hot and cold brew orders

  • Ice

  • Dish cart

  • Dishwasher

  • Bus and clean shop tables


  • Cups & lids

  • Condiment bar

Make stuff

  • Cold coffee

  • Ice tea

  • Syrups

  • Seasonal drink syrups