Opening Procedures


Clock In

  • Sign onto your Sling app
  • On the dashboard it will ask you if you want to clock in
  • Click yes
  • Unlock door and turn off alarm within 20 seconds (if for whatever the alarm goes off, punch in your pin several times until it stops. Tandi will get a call from the alarm company and will then call you to see if everything is okay so they don’t dispatch the police. In case of emergency, press the Panic button on the keypad.)



  • At the breaker board, flip the breakers that read “LIGHTS” to the on position
  • Flip the light switch behind the bar 
  • Pull string for the meeting room, and turn the lamp on
  • Turn on lights at pastry station  
  • Turn on Open sign at 7am (8am on weekends) and flip over door sign



  • The code to open the iPad is 2512
  • Go to Settings, General, Auto Lock, set to Never 
  • Go to Square POS app and "Start" drawer, to ensure the drawer was closed the previous night
  • Turn on tunes–be mindful of the audience in the shop - the music must make the coffee taste better.

NOTE Coffee gets a weird taste when paired with Jack Johnson


Brew Coffee

  • Choose the oldest bag of coffee to brew for batch coffee or what has been set out the night before
  • Measure out 160 grams of coffee, grind at 12 (or otherwise specified to a specific roast, this varies)
  • Put filter inside of brew basket and make sure the grounds are level (this insures the water distributes evenly over the ground coffee) 
  • Make sure the filter is flush against the sides of the basket
  • Press the full batch button
  • Label the press pot with the coffee of the day and numbers 1-8
  • See training video brew recipes are subject to change as roasts vary 


Condiment Bar

  • Carafe from the back fridge, fill 3/4 with whole milk, screw on lid
  • Fill water carafe with ice and water
  • Honey and simple syrup from the fridge 
  • Cup for dirty spoons
  • Ensure that everything is stocked properly (spoons, sugar packets, napkins, lids, glasses for water)



  • Check the fridge for an inventory of food stock so that you know what to be able to offer customers and what is sold out (put Sold Out signs on what is sold out and remove sign when item is back in-stock is in)
  • Make sure everything has been restocked from the night before


Cake Display

  • Check the fridge for what cakes are available for the day
  • Remove display cakes from the freezer and put them out on the cake stand (replace display cakes with fresh ones if they look shriveled)
  • Place correlating cake signs out

Note - Coconut Yogurt Cake is served room temperature (unless the shop is very warm), all other cakes are served from the fridge



Bar Set-up

  • Pitchers and shot glass from dishwasher to the bar
  • Black towel for steam wand (small towel)
  • Black towel for porta-filter on hook (large towel)
  • Brown towel for bar 
  • Take chocolate syrup out of the fridge to warm on the espresso machine
  • Ensure that everything is stocked properly (milks, non-dairy milks, chai, half & half - taste for freshness, lids, straws, soda water*)

*Soda Water- must be fizzy or make a fresh bottle



  • Empty dishwasher from the night before



  • Teal for the kitchen counters 
  • Pink for the shop tables
  • Yellow for drying/buffing dishes
  • Orange for the pastry station 



  • Fold bathroom towels from the night before (may still be in the dryer)
  • Wash dirty laundry left from night before when the dirty rag bins are full
  • Wash kitchen and bar towels throughout the day as needed

NOTE If on closing shift, time a bathroom towel load to be in the dryer for the opening shift



  • Put out sandwich-board sign 
  • Pick up trash around shop


Warm Season Opening

  • Set out patio furniture
  • If necessary, wipe tables with multi-surface spray
  • Hot day temperature control… open both doors to filter cool air through in the early morning 
  • Turn on swamp coolers on breaker board 
  • Turn on Fresh Air Circulator fan next to the Heater thermostat, if the shop is stuffy


Cold Season Opening

  • Shovel snow to the entrance, make sure a path is clear for customers 
  • Sprinkle de-icing salt or liquid de-ice (left by the door from the night before or can be found in the stock room)
  • Check heater is at 80°F degrees if it’s a cold day
  • Turn on Fresh Air Circulator fan next to the Heater thermostat, if the shop is stuffy