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Our every-day favorite drinks.

Please check the in-store menu and ask the baristas about our seasonal drinks, house-made pastries and other food items.
A portion of our menu items are gluten free and vegan


Espresso | 2oz

Macchiato | 3oz

Cortado | 4oz

Cappucino | 6oz

Latte | 8oz

Latte | 12oz

If you must! Add a splash of our house-made vanilla or chocolate

Milk Alternatives
Almond • Oat



Drip Brew
Iced Coffee

Daily rotation of a seasonal single-origin coffee 



Chai Latte
A mild and spicy blend of Bhakti Chai and your preferred milk
Red Latte
A shot of caffeine free Rooibos tea and your preferred milk
Spirit Matcha blended with your preferred milk
Golden Chai
Our house blend of
Vanilla Steamer
A splash of our house-made vanilla steamed with your preferred milk
Hot Chocolate
Our house-made vegan chocolate steamed with your preferred milk
Loose Leaf Tea
A small selection of excellent black, green teas from Spirit Tea Herbal teas

Red Tea Lemonade aka The Greyton
Our signature drink made with rooibos tea, masala spices, lemonade and fresh mint

Most drinks available over ice

All our dishes are crafted in-house to order using seasonal,
local and organic produce when available.

Avocado Toast
sun-dried tomato pesto, fresh herbs,
toasted seeds (V, GFO)

Red Pepper Artichoke Toast
red pepper sweet potato hummus,
fresh herbs, marinated artichokes, feta

Sweet Cashew Toast
sweet cashew spread topped with seasonal fruit, crushed hazelnuts, honey

Chocolate Toast
almond butter, fresh bananas
topped with our salted chocolate granola
(V, GFO)

Egg + Toast
soft boiled egg and buttered toast strips

A selection of cakes and pastries
All baked from scratch in our kitchen



Mushroom Pesto Grilled Cheese
mushroom confit, sun-dried tomato pesto, havarti, side herb salad
(VO cashew cheese, GFO)
Add turkey | Add a side of soup

3 Cheese Grilled Cheese 
havarti, smoked gouda, cheddar, side herb salad
Add turkey | Add pesto | Add a side of soup

Seasonal Soups
With a slice of buttered toast

Super Food Smoothie Bowl
açaí, spirulina, mixed berries, fresh fruit, coconut water, toasted coconut, salted chocolate granola

Granola, Yogurt + Fresh Fruit
maple or chocolate granola
Greek yogurt and local honey or berry compote
Sub for milk of your choice.

oats, coconut, almonds, and dried fruit

Kitchen Closes at 5:30pm


For more details please contact us


Gift Subscription


Receive one 12oz box of freshly roasted whole bean coffee every 4 weeks. You will also get one of our Limited Edition Diner Mugs with your first order.
We rotate the coffee so you'll get a chance to try different offerings every time.

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3 MONTHS - $65
6 MONTHS - $130