Spur Cleanliness


Here at Spur, if we aren’t just making drinks or helping a guest, we are cleaning. Cleanliness is fundamental to the experience and atmosphere that is Spur Coffee. Everything from the milk fridges to the table tops in the shop to the backsplash at the sink, we strive to keep all things as clean as possible. It’s part of who we are where every detail and intention has a purpose to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere for our guests and us. Why do we care so much? Cleanliness aligns with our value of beauty. Whether a guest can recognize it consciously or subconsciously, there is a positive reaction that happens when they arrive at a freshly wiped table with straightened chairs or enter a clean smelling bathroom. 

Some of the things we remember throughout our shift to constantly be cleaning



  • Keep all walls free of cups, trash cans, spray bottles, empty milk bottles, etc. 
  • Keep counter clear and use bus carts for dirty dishes
  • Don’t leave dishes in sink use bus carts for dirty dishes
  • Keep all counters and surfaces wiped, no puddled water
  • Vacuum grounds on and around grinder
  • Wipe front and inside of all cabinets
  • Wipe spills on the inside and outside of all drawers
  • Wipe/rinse inside and outside of all trashcans (don’t forget the small ones around the shop)
  • Empty trash when full (even if before closing procedures)
  • Scrub sink and plug – use Bon Ami
  • Rinse all plates, oatmeal and granola bowls before loading in dishwasher
  • Hand wash all items that can’t go in the dishwasher
  • Pick up ice off the floor and mop puddles
  • Kitchen sink back splash
  • Wipe up anywhere milk could have spilled
  • Wipe inside fridges where liquids drip and puddle 
  • Keep powdered sugar shaker clean and unclogged
  • Wipe the inside/outside of microwave
  • Dust tea containers and top of wall



  • Keep bar free of espresso grounds 
  • Wipe bar from syrup, milk, and water spills
  • Empty espresso puck trash when full
  • Wipe down fridge door
  • Wipe spills outside and inside cabinet and drawer
  • Wipe down cup shelf 
  • Wipe base boards and under/around bar
  • Vacuum and mop under mats
  • Empty grossers when full - preferably when 3/4 fill
  • Wipe scales/keep them dry
  • Wipe syrup bottles, change tops when sticky
  • Keep register clean and wiped down throughout the day
  • Wipe down pastry case inside/out
  • Check and wipe front of bar for spills




  • Check throughout the day
  • Make sure bathroom floors are mopped, no standing water
  • Turn lights off and keep doors ajar - unless it smells then keep the fan/light on, door ajar, and spray air freshener
  • Empty dirty towel bin when full and before it overflows–leave one rag in bin to indicate rag bin

  • Restock towels when needed

  • Restock toilet paper when needed

  • Make sure hand soap stays above half

  • Restock air freshener when needed



  • Stay on top of overflowing kitchen rag bin/bathroom towel bin
  • Do laundry as often as needed
  • Wash kitchen rags and bathroom towels separately * 

*Instructions on wall above washer and dryer


Café Area

  • Clear and wipe down shop tables and chairs
  • Pick up/vacuum crumbs, straw wrappers, and any other trash on the floor
  • Wipe/mop spills on floor
  • Vacuum bugs off heater and window frames
  • Keep spray cleaners/any cleaning items under the sink and away from food/drink areas when not in use
  • Wipe and straighten items on Merch shelves
  • Remove dead flowers and top-up with fresh water as needed