Some of the questions we get asked a lot

Do you have alternative milk?

We offer the following alternative milk products:
• Coconut Milk
• Almond Milk
• Soy Milk

Why aren’t you a multi-roaster café?

We believe in Sweet Bloom and what they do. Also, coffee is seasonal and we have between four and six different coffees available at any given time.

There are a lot of other roasters out there that roast some amazing coffee (ask us about our favorite roasters, we’d love to talk about it with you.) However, we think that there is something to sticking with one roaster and focusing on what they have to offer. Coffee changes seasonally, like fruits and vegetables. When you stick with one roaster, you are able to explore the coffee that is seasonally available and let that be the latest and greatest thing. The folks at Sweet Bloom do an incredible job with sourcing and roasting delicious coffee as seasons come and go, so, we’re sticking with them.

Is it organic?

The short answer is “no.”

However, the thing that matters most in coffee is whether or not it was ethically and sustainable sourced. A large number of the countries in which coffee is grown do not implement “organic” certifications and policies. We work with Sweet Bloom coffee, a company that strive to work with farmers who are “deeply committed to the quality of their crop,” and who “strive to sustainably grow and harvest the highest quality and most flavorful coffees possible.” To have coffee that is grown sustainably and sourced ethically is the highest quality that can be obtained, whether it is technically “organic” or not, it is grown well. And that is something that we care greatly about.

Is batch brew even good?

Yes. It’s delicious. You’ll find our baristas drinking batch brewed coffee most days because we think it’s a delicious and well brewed cup of coffee. Does it compare to a hand-brewed cup of coffee? Not exactly. The care and craft that go into making a V60 or an Aeropress produces a cup of coffee that is more nuanced simply by nature of the process. But, our Fetco makes a killer cup of coffee that is delicious, very flavorful and well-rounded.

The flowers on the bar

Genius flower girl from Brightside Flora is responsible for brightening our space with fresh flowers every week. Get some flowers!

How can I make great coffee at home

Check out our brew guides for Aeropress and V60.

Can I rent the Meeting Room?

Sure–just bring your own easel pad and white board markers. The room comfortably seats six. There is a flat screen tv and Apple TV available. Rental rate is $10 per half hour and you can pay at the bar.

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